Anonymous asked:
Can I ask you from what is this gif sets you reblogged? Thanks

The GIF set I posted was an after-credit scene from “Rick & Morty” on Adult Swim. The scene was from episode nine of the first season, "Something Ricked This Way Comes" that aired last Monday night. If you liked the GIF set, I urge you to check out the show!

stereototal asked:
sorry if this has been asked before, but what show did you gif with the cool muscular people beating up gross people??

The GIF set was from Rick & Morty on Adult Swim, arguably the best show on today’s television!



Happy Birthday, Pen

Well, belated birthday. Pen celebrated earlier this week in the best way possible by slicing open poor Cinnamon Bun, thanks to our pals Lisa and Mary at Big Sugar Bakeshop in nearby Studio City. Who knew Cinnamon Bun’s guts were all rainbow colored?